Note on the current situation


In a humble attempt to feel carefully through our current realities (intensified by the recent pandemic), we re-open the SAVVY house by spontaneously and deeply opening our archives. We invited you to spend time in our company of texts and contexts in the SAVVY.doc exhibition FLOATING SEDIMENTS ON SLOW MOVING WATERS. TEXT ON TEXTILE, open Thursday–Sunday 14:00–19:00 as well as Tuesdays 10:00–14:00. 


According to the new relaxing of regulations we will soflty open the space again in slow steps. From 05.05.2020, our library will be again open every Tuesday between 10:00–14:00, and per appointment. 
We are currently preparing an installation and display of highlights in our archive and library to browse. Will will update you here soon about the opening times. 


Following the new regulations by the German authorities, SAVVY Contemporary will be closed for now until we can all meet and enjoy each other's presence again. 
We won't be lazy and will soon invite you to a new radio programme which we are currently developing. 

Stay safe! 


SAVVY fam! 

As a community space, SAVVY Contemporary will stay open for now (we are monitoring the situation closely and will react accordingly). This means: the current exhibition will be open for visitors at the regular times this weekend, the library is also open for readers. 

Following the authorities’ recommendations, we will not organize any form of bigger gatherings. But we think it is important to find ways to support our community (of many artists and colleagues in precarious situations). In addition to being responsible in the current situation, it is also a question of finding creative and caring ways to deal with what we are all facing now –  whether supporting the self-employed who cannot afford not to work, resisting complete isolation and allowing social life to continue, connecting differently with the world, etc. 

Next week, we will send you more detailed information on the changes regarding the upcoming programs (our heads are spinning already around radio and online programs).

Be all well and if SAVVY can be of support, do not hesitate to contact us! 

On est ensemble!