The Secret Institute

The Secret Institute led by Nkisi is a research platform that focuses on investigating ancient sonic traditions, sonic experimentation and the mysteries of the subtle power of vibration and intentional sound waves. The Secret institute aims to challenge the aural paradigm. For the new radio series at SAVVYZΛΛR, Nkisi will be presenting her sonic research through the exploration of ancient sonic concepts intertwined with performative auto-ethnographic accounts of her own initiation into the vibrational sciences of her Kongo heritage. 

Nkisiis the alias of Melika Ngombe Kolongo, an electronic musician, producer and artist. Her ongoing sonic research focuses on rhythm as ancestral technology and sound as multi-dimensional intelligence. 


11.07.2021   Episode 1 Cosmic Darkness, the Beginning of Everything

For the first episode, Nkisi will present an experimental sonic scan on cosmic darkness, the beginning of everything, that birthed our macro and micro systems in nature, and is still ongoing. Through radio waves, Nkisi will be focusing on our aural senses, acknowledging our ears as decoders of electromagnetic information while going beyond the sciences of the visible. Experiments of trance will be used as systems of embodied knowledge. 

It is advised to use dance and movement while listening to connect to our material and immaterial bodies through dance and movement.

26.09.2021   Episode 2 Red Gestures

The gravity of the earth, the lightness of the air, 
the vitality of the water, the energy of the fire…

Nothing exists ex nihilo.
Where are the high priestesses?

Red is for the alchemical process,
the coal warms up and changes its state.
Red is for action and its fire for purification...
Red, to see the invisible realms as it connects us to our inner darkness,
what we don't yet know about ourselves...

Red for Blood