CO-LAB Editions

Co-Lab Editions (2011 - 2012)

Co-Lab Editions program is dedicated to an exchange between artists that use Performance art as one of their primary working media. The objective is to create conditions for artists to collaborate in a constant negotiation between their own working practices and the possibility of transferring knowledge between each other. The program will provide the possibility for artists to meet in different contexts, in Berlin, attempting to create extraordinary conditions for artists to collaborate.
It is important to find a common denominator in cultural differences and the affinities inside the work methodologies.
Artists working within the framework of Live Performance, Video performance and Installation Performance will be invited to participate in this project. It will be important to mix these artists, attempting to create possibilities of formal and theoretical engagements within the SAVVY Contemporary concept and space.
A catalogue will be published on the Co-lab editions, which will be an attempt to bring critics, curators or other professionals to create a point of view about the collaboration between the artists and the status quo of Performance art within contemporary art.

Citations (2010 - 2011)

Two performers or two performance collectives are given a literal, philosophical or historical quote as a point of departure and working model for a 30 minute performance. Blocked in this framework, the artists are free to interpret the citation based on their own cultural and social references, their own ideas and beliefs are thereby translated into the performance piece. The performances are scheduled to be done on two nights, in two different spaces and to two different audiences. This series reflects on the translatability and interpretability of language and communication through the time, space and audience axes.

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