Double Blind

Exchange Program for Performing Artists

Curator: Sahar Rahimi

Artist: Zofia Kuligowska, Aleksandra Lison, Marta Kotwica, Antonio Onio

Performance Date: August 16th 2014, 7pm

SAVVY Contemporary | Richardstr. 20 I 12043 Berlin-Neukölln


Double-blind describes an especially stringent way of conducting an experiment that aims at eliminating subjective, unrecognised biases carried by the subjects and conductors of an experiment.
In a double-blind experiment, neither the participants nor the researchers know which participants belong to the control group as opposed to the test group. Only after all data have been recorded, the researchers will learn which participants were which. Performing an experiment in double-blind fashion can greatly lessen the power of preconceived notions or physical cues, make researchers/participants behave differently than they would in everyday life, and consequently distort the alleged results of the experiment. The key to the distribution of the experiment participants into groups will be kept by a third party and not revealed to the researchers until the study is completed.

Double-blind is a dialogue-based, international exchange programme, which offers a platform for two different artistic concepts/approaches to confront, collide and interact with each other. Here, exchange does not imply direct meeting, negotiation or collaborative presentation, but rather being confronted with a concept of a fellow exchange partner, without even knowing who she or he is, and from which social, aesthetic, national or ethical background the artistic concept derives.

Double-blind is an experiment about both, entrusting one’s own concept to another artist to be used as a score, and exploring a foreign concept as a challenge for one’s own artistic work.

Double-blind is a blind date of two artists.

Double-blind is interaction and separation, clash and compromise, invention and interpretation, understanding and collapse.

Double-blind endeavours to confront radically diverse concepts and dualistic points of view— neither intermingling them, nor assimilating them to an entity.

Double-blind believes in radical diversity. Double-blind believes in determination and its overcoming. Double-blind re-questions authorship, the notion of originality and geographical references. Double-blind celebrates diversity in all of its aspects.

For the first edition of Double-blind, taking place at SAVVY Contemporary on Saturday 16th of August 2014, two artistic couples will present their works: each of the works is a reaction, interpretation and response to the submitted concepts, performances and scores of their exchange partners.

Antonio Onio


In his work DIVOCEAN Antonio Onio dives into the practice of devotion. Through the creation of musical mantras, he sweats, he sings, he creates an intense layer of physical sensations that ultimately relate to this notion of giving everything away for a certain something.

Zofia Kuligowska


In Zofia Kuligowskas work HEROSHIMA // SHEROSHIMA// HEROSHERA she is opening the space in-between while closing it at the same time. There's something that behaves like a disease but is the opposite. Good disease but not health. For this there is no mental protection but a notion of physical one.

Aleksandra Lison


THROUGH, a body based work by Aleksandra Lison is questioning the connection between liberation and enslavement. Fathoming real and imaginary walls, her performance oscillates between the purifying or destructive potential of rupturing thresholds.

Marta Kotwica


Marta Kotwicas MONUMENT is a site specific and body based work. The shrine is a small building erected in thanksgivings and ceremonial purposes. The object will be displayed in absence of symbols and avoiding references to a particular religion. The approach is nevertheless a concentration on rituals as an active impact on reality, taking the initiative trough the disclosure of personal reflection and henceforth being a part of community.
The action will be represented in public space around SAVVY Contemporary from 13th -15th of August and showcased at the Double-blind event.

Double-blind is a production of SAVVY Contemporary in collaboration with UP Gallery /Foundation of Art University and University of Arts in Poznan (Poland)/ The Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Marshal Office of The Wielkopolska Region in Poznan, Poznan City Council.

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