The Myth of Proportional Response

Live art in constructed situations

with Diego Agulló and Jule Flierl by Ibrahim Quraishi

Opening: 10th Aug. 2013, 7pm

Exhibition: 11th Aug. – 11th Sept. 2013

Artists: Alejandro Vidal, Ibrahim Quraishi

Curator: Saskia Köbschall

Art Director: Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung

Islamic Violins.

The Myth of Proportional Response gets granular on the physics and rationality of actio-reactio and tit for tat, the economics of violence in quid pro quo phenomena and the logics of state sanctioned and justified force. In the last decade and through their respective works Alejandro Vidal and Ibrahim Quraishi have explored issues related to political violence and dissent. In this exhibition they analyse the needs and impacts of conflicts on a global scale, as well as the instrumentalisation of fear, images and media to tame, control or enforce an ‘obedient’ society. Using photography, video and installation they investigate strategies that are present in today's angst dispositives.